The new training programme for 2022 is here!

The Leartiker Dairy Centre aims to promote the dairy sector through a range of services that it offers, including specialised training. The Centre organises a series of annual training sessions designed to pass on the expertise and knowledge it has acquired through its work in the dairy sector over the years to cheesemakers.

The Dairy Centre has designed a comprehensive training programme for 2022. The courses we offered in collaboration with MONS and DAVID ASHER, highly successful last year, will be offered again. In addition, this year we have extended the training offer with courses on the main defects of cured pressed cheeses and the production of lactic cheese and blue cheeses.

  • 4 and 6 July, MONS Cheese affinage (date to be specified)
  • 19 and 20 July, MONS Experience (date to be specified)
  • 19 and 20 September, Making lactic cheese
  • 4 and 5 October, Making blue cheese
  • 14 October, Main defects of hard cheeses
  • 14 to 18 November, Natural farmstead cheesemaking (David Asher)

All the information on these courses can be found in the specialised training section of the website.

Leartiker and MonS Formation

The Dairy Centre became the Mons Formation state branch of the French company Mons Fromager-Affineur following the partnership agreement signed between Leartiker and Mons Formation in 2020. Its goal is to enhance the professional skills of cheesemakers and the development of the artisan cheese sector by providing training programmes for professional cheesemakers.