Our challenge is,

to boost the diversification and competitiveness of small producers and foster their passion for innovation.

The Dairy Centre offers you a variety of services, such as the development of new dairy products and cheeses, advanced technical advice and specialised training.
It is a reference centre for producers from the dairy industry, who are guaranteed to receive an advanced, tailored and effective service based on continuous cooperation with other industry actors.
Coordination and cooperation between leading organisations that operate in the dairy industry are the foundations of this Dairy Centre. This allows us to offer an effective service, diversify, enable services throughout the value chain and develop new products: from design and production to marketing.

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We have a vast market to reach out and exciting projects are created through collaboration. Want to give it a try?

Malen Sarasua
Director of the Leartiker Dairy Centre

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We are agents of the Basque Science, Technology and Innovation Network,
and also members of BRTA-Basque Research Alliance


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